• With 20 years experience in the Design and Photography Industry, I have the pleasure of working with and representing an amazing group of creative and talented professionals. They all bring their own unique and specialized expertise to this energized collaborative.
  • My background includes Interior Design, Visual Merchandising, Decorative Painting and Prop Styling. Not exactly what you would expect from a manager of photo professionals but with this diverse mix of skills, plus my experience as a Studio Manager with Kraft Foods for nearly 10 years, it was a natural next step to open my own production company. I bring the right people together to deliver the results you desire. I also balance my management skills and creative thinking to help my clients succeed in their business objectives.
  • Our teams will work with you to produce images that will engage and motivate your consumers. Photographers, Food Stylist and Prop Stylists with years of commercial, editorial and packaging experience can make your product irresistible while still keeping strategy in mind.
  • Let us help make this experience an enjoyable, productive and satisfying adventure!
  • -Michele
  • OUR Creativity + YOUR Strategy = Winning Design